Wrappers - special boxes for a glass

     We provide for individual orders of glasses, which are delivered by air or by track, wrappers whose function is to protect the glasses against damages. These wrappers are made by the best and cheapest way so that their contents are not broken while distributed.
     The wrappers are suitable for specific quantity of orders so that they would fill a 20ft or 40ft container.
     An original carton, which is free of charge in the basic price, is resiliently situated in a bigger wrapper with a protective deformation zone and reinforcement.

Wrappers - crash tests
     Photos show a course of multiple impacts of a carton with twenty sets of glasses. The biggest fall was from three meters on a hard concrete surface. Not even one glass was broken. The protection against braking is 6 centimetres. During tests, not even a similar kick to the football ball damaged any glass.
We use these wrappers usually for goods that are despatched by air or track. Their prices are included with every goods.
The wrappers may not necessarily be used during a direct delivery of soft glasses or container delivery.
Then the way wrappings are done is consulted with the customer.


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