Promotional and company
beverage glass

       Hand cut beverage glass with a basic decorand cut logo, erb, advertising text or any requested graphic.

       We can cut any ornament (picture) sign on the glass. Either city sign, company sign, graphic of building, panorama of the city, picture of the hotel , ship...

       The price with promotional or action whet-cut is according to the business pricelist. In certain amount category the price is 15% higher + 1.40 to 1.65 per 1 logo or graphic on one glass. The minimum amount for export order is 240 glasses.

       We prepare also special series for noncomercial clients - for instance - wedding presents. In the middle, there are memory glasseswith the text for the bride and the groom. The series are in a special casettes. The price vary according to the order, without any discount for the distributors. The additional whet cut and the design, you can use by completing your company interiers, etc.. Often are used also friendly series with the design of touristic famous places, atractions, congresses, voting campaigns, etc...

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