Example : 2 - 5 factories in one day, translation service support in negotiating good prices terms of delivery, packing, transport completion of deliveries from more producers using one transport / cutting the cost / business project / arrangement of accommodation, transport directly from the airport.

New service:
Business glass trip to Glass Factories in the Czech republic

There are many producers of various glass goods in the Czech Republic
Beverage and decorative glass, Bohemia crystal, crystalline, trophies, paper weights, figures, crystal chandeliers - companies, which cut or paint glass, art workshop,
print on the glass products etc...
Many producers are very specific and they do not have enough catalogues.
It is necessary to see many products on your own eyes.

What will you gain :
You will have advantages from the first steps on airport if you order our service attendance. We will help you with comfortable quality accommodation - in Prague,
but mainly during your travel around the Czech Republic while visiting the glass producers.
We will arrange for you transport, communication, we will prepare the meetings and we will help managerially with dealing the best prices.
You can have during the business trip the accompaniment of the translator, internet, we will arrange the transport by the car accordingly to your requirements.
We will also deal the completion of your order from various producers for one business project.
The price of our service is going to be only fraction of what you will profit by good prices, business information and by the saving your time.

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