Profitable investment in purchase of part or whole glass company.
If you want to trade regularly with Czech glass, the good investment is to acquire
the part or the whole glass company.
You will get your products for the real manufacturing cost and other production
and existing contacts of your new company will brink you other business profit.
The labor cost in the Czech Republic is favorable.
We know - accordingly to different orders for the goods delivery, that the return
of the investments can be extremely fast.
Many glass companies do not have good marketing for export yet, but there is big demand for their production on world market.
There are many factories, where investment is not necessarily higher than two years profit brought by the sale of your goods.
There are more companies of various sizes positional suitable for investment
or purchase - from small companies / employing 3 - 5 people/ with ability of production several containers of goods per annum, up to big factories having big production capacity. It is also possible to get highly qualified glass specialists, who can help you
with the building of a new company having well known reputation of the Czech glass.
The price of the capital contribution into Czech glass companies is extremely advantageous at present. But this is not going to last for ever.

If you intimate your ideas and goals, we will be pleased to help you with searching for suitable partner in investment.
We will help you with dealing service - translator, lawyer - accordingly to your needs.

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